Motorola fans who have eagerly been awaiting the release of Moto's next flagship device, the Droid RAZR HD (aka the Droid Fighter & aka the Droid Vanquish), may be disappointed to learn that the device's launch has likely been delayed. Originally, all the rumored launch dates of the device pegged it for sometime in June. More than likely the new time-frame is late summer. The likely culprit behind the launch date move was to avoid pitting the Droid RAZR HD head-to-head with the Samsung Galaxy S III.

The RAZR HD has some impressive specs, (a few of which actually surpass the SGS3 - like the 3300 mAh battery & the rumored 13 MegaPixel rear camera), however, for practicality's sake it actually makes sense not to launch the two phones together at the same time. If Verizon launched them simultaneously, they would basically be competing with themselves and dilute the sell-through numbers for both devices. Also, apparently it wasn't just Verizon's decision. Supposedly, Motorola doesn't want to take on the SGS3 directly either.

Perhaps waiting a couple of months is the wise business move, but it means that Motorola fans will have to tough it out a bit longer. Maybe it will give Moto the opportunity to hype the phone up a bit more before its launch...

Thanks for the tip, 94lt1!

Source: EasternMorningHerald