I am a huge fan of Trident cases. I have owned a Kraken and Cyclops for my Droid X, and they are probably the toughest cases on the market. The day I got my Razr, I picked up an otterbox commuter from verizon, and hated it. After about a week I returned it to the store and ordered a new Trident Aegis in neon green/black. I have been using the Aegis case for about 2 weeks on my Razr, and here's what I think of it.

After dealing with a HORRIBLE ebay seller, (dont ever buy anything from mirimirie) 2 weeks after ordering it, I finally received my new Aegis case. Initial thoughts on it are that it feels nice in the hand, the type of rubber used on the case is very smooth to the touch and the color is vibrant. It is a pain to get the hard portion of the case onto the phone just right, but after playing with it for a minute, it is in place perfectly. I will note however, that it is still easier to put on than the otterbox was. The screen protector is pretty straight forward, and no different than any other SP on the market. The access ports on the case close securely, and stay closed (unlike the otterbox) , and are easy to open when you need them. As far as looks go, it's hard to top this case. This thing is beautiful. It seems thinner than the otterbox, and fits well in my pocket. it feels great in the hand, and the whole screen is accessible.

Now here is an interesting discovery... I had the phone charging on my nightstand the first night with the new case, and discovered that the green rubber part of the case glows in the dark! I was suprised at how much I like that feature, because it makes it very easy to find the phone on my nightstand in a pitch black bedroom. This wasn't advertized, but was a pleasant suprise.

At about $23, this phone case is better than just about anything I have seen at any price. It is a bit bulkier than the silicone cases, but if you want more protection, this is the way to go. Here's a link to one of their auctions. AEGIS Case for Motorola Droid Razr (GREEN) by Trident Case (816694015189) | eBay

I didn't see a review on one of these on here yet, and thought enough of the product to share.