Hi everyone, right now I'm with 912 Maxx and on Backup Asst Plus, not that impressed. What other options are there for backing up and restoring if there is an issue. The latest motorola software for it just stopped working right after the latest version was installed. Not everything was restored so not 100 happy. Not all my apps restored. lost all my spensa (it's basically my budget program) I lost some information. And I know this is just a girly annoyance but my live wallpapers were all gone. Then find out they are pulled from the market so can't reload ugg.

I have Terabyte recovery drives if there are program I can download. It seems like more my items on my laptop are backed up than my phone. What recommendations does everyone have. Will I always lose info if there is a factory restore? Can I make a copy image of my phone, saved to my Terabyte drive and restore everything if I needed to do a factory restore. I know this is my dream. Any suggestions?

Thanks everyone!