Bored of Google Play? Appreciate is here to Help!

Appreciate, made by Triapodi, has updated its app market with a new user interface. The idea of Appreciate is that it actively monitors what apps you have and lists recommendations based on that. Furthermore, it has more default search categories than just “Featured”, “Top Paid”, etc etc. Appreciate will give you personalized suggestions for your country, apps for guys/gals and if you link your Facebook account, will also suggest apps that your friends use.

Appreciate is the first Android app that is a fully personalized App Market! You get recommendations uniquely suited to your taste, and influenced by opinions of people relevant to you.

Features include:
• A live stream of apps recommended specifically for you
• App profiles personalized to show you why the app is (or isn’t) a good match FOR YOU.
• Quick and social search – see at a glance which friends are using apps you’re considering
• See similar apps to yours - including alternatives that mega-users like the most
• Discover great apps the experts use – the real mega-users of apps you’re interested in… so next time you’re looking for a travel app, you’ll see apps avid travelers use and like the most
• See why an app you’re interested in is right for you (or not). Appreciate calculates your personal match with any app on the market based on your unique taste, what’s trending in your area and among your friends, and what experts you care about think of it.
• A fun, engaging way to find apps that your friends and community love and use most
With Appreciate, you’re also joining a growing community of Android market app lovers and explorers – helping others find great apps, and thanking those who help you find your favorites.

Grab Appreciate from the Google Play Store today!