Plenty of apps have promised to be a new kind of music discovery engine, but Earbits caters only to the indie set. It proudly eschews the hit parade in favor of... well, music even that guy with the beanie in Starbucks probably hasn't heard. Instead of ads or subscriptions, Earbits uses "Groovies," arbitrary credits earned by sharing music on the usual social networks.
Earbits makes it dead simple for artists and music lovers to find each other, and create meaningful connections. Our team of experts brings you the best independent music from around the world, hand-curated and served up hot. But that’s not all. Earbits for Android analyzes the music from your phone and recommends channels you’ll like from over 350 genre-based selections, then we intelligently blend your own music into those channels. The result is awesome music discovery with your favorite tracks mixed in. It gets better. On Earbits, you won't find commercials. You won't find unrelated ads. And you won't find subscription fees.

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