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I bought a generic brand for 20. I did research and one person commented that when you get it just put it in the phone. Do not put it in your pc and format it. Always make sure you unmount it to remove. So I installed and put it in. worked like a charm. I only have one issue but that was an issue I had with the last card. I doubt it has anything to do with the card. I'll post the issue separate in case this is a common problem with a way around it. For everything else. It is working fine.
So I'm going to retract this. I dealt with 2 generic 64 sd micros this week. First one somehow decided it was only 8 mb after being formatted. Now the other one was put in phone. It consistantly lost songs which I thought was an issue on my end. I put in old card and music transferred and stayed. My thought is if you are going to try this card pay for the name brand and have the ability to return. My friend ordered a class 10. I ordered a class 4 that showed up as a class 10. Vendor agreed for me to see if it would work and if not return it. The packaging was the same on both cards. No name they plastic pushes into itself to close so these can be opened and then closed they are not completely sealed. Secondly, My upgraded card has a small gold round sticker on the back. These did not. I am not noting this under my music post because after getting remote moto hooked up and also being able to easily put both cards in the sd adapter card and transfer data both lost data. My former one with the gold label was fine. I tried this several times to confirm and I'm just not confirmed of the quality of these 20 buck cards.

After researching on the internet it seems that Class 10 is more of a solid state device which would cause issues. But i'm feeling it's more a bad quality but not going to mess with it for now. I've already lost 4 days of my life to it LOL. If I try later it will be because I can use it elsewhere and only name brand but for now I'm done.

A few notes for those interested. What I did with each card: always unmount, always eject from laptop, and never ever just pull out. I did not format the card and just inserted into the phone and it didn't matter, it still lost info. I just wanted to be clear each were treated correctly and transfer methods were 4 different ways (usb drive adapter, sd card adapter, direct connect with cord to computer through phone and moto wireless) and none worked with the class 10. I wanted to share for those interested since they seem like a great deal at 20 bucks.