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I've had the Motoactv only a few days. The price on Amazon is now like $180 for the 8 Gb. Similar GPS watches for running from Garmin run at least $200 and they only keep time and distance. However, I haven't had the chance to compare accuracy. The Motoactv additionally lets you listen to music and some other functions so if the GPS is accurate, then I would say the price is comparable.

I've tried taking calls and texts from my Razr, but I'm not sure this feature is worth leaving your bluetooth on all day as the screen is too small, you can't get a broad view of all your texts, and of course you can't reply to any text so you still need to pull out your phone. Also, connection quit a couple of times, so if this feature is not 100% reliable, then you may end up missing important stuff thinking your watch is reliable while not checking on your phone. Also, I saw that the Razr got a little hot and one time even suffered major slow down that required a reboot.

Even with all that, I am keeping it assuming the GPS is accuracy because no other device lets you keep track of your runs and play music and is competitively priced with the other running watches. I'm looking into rooting the device to get other features, but I have big doubts anyone would ever want to browse the internet on this from my experience with the little screen. Also, couldn't Americans design something not box shaped for a change? I'm going to test the much prettier Sony Smartwatch when it arrives in my mail tomorrow although that device doesn't have its own GPS or anything so likely I won't keep it.
Welcome aboard. Thank you for sharing!